Original Oil Paintings

Dark and Stormy, Bermuda : My travels in 2007 found me following two heroes of mine:  Winslow Homer, and Edward Hopper.  In the summer, I spent a week on Cape Elizabeth, Maine, painting the same lighthouses Hopper painted.  While I was there, I made a pilgrimmage to nearby Prouts Neck, where Winslow Homer built his studio. Winslow Homer also painted in Bermuda, and in the fall I traveled to Bermuda as well, to celebrate the marriage of Sophie and Greg. Hurricane Noel arrived just in time to attend their wedding, too !  And then after a few glorious days, this gale approached.  I painted this on Elbow Beach.  It is 9" x 12", Oil on linen, on panel.  Price includes frame.  Click on any image to enlarge.

Dark and Stormy, Bermuda